How To Fix Over Toned Hair Quickly

How To Fix Over Toned Hair Easily

You love to play with your hair, and after getting your hair styled and spending lots of bugs, you notice your hair has different shades of colour. It’s a big no-no for you. So if you are someone dealing with over-toned hairs, then worry not. There are some steps which you can take to get it fixed.

You can fix your over toned hair using either:

  1. Clarifying Shampoo is the first step to removing toner from your hair by using a clarifying shampoo.
  2. Using anti-dandruff shampoo: massage your scalp well with the anti-dandruff shampoo. Apart from removing excess oil, this also helps to get rid of excess toner.
  3. You are using conditioner and lemon to get rid of excess colour. It’s always better to remove the colour at the earliest possible. Squeeze some lemon and mix it with your favourite conditioner. Massage your hair with this mixture and let it stay for a few hours. Then rinse it off.
  4. Usage of Hydrating Mask: last but not least, use a good hydrating mask with heat. Use a mask that contains keratin and massage thoroughly in your hair strands. Now apply some heat and wrap your hair. Let the stem settle down in your hair and help the mask to get it absorbed better.

So with these steps, you can get rid of over-toned hairs quickly. You can follow this healthy hair care routine for long run.

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