Rare Beauty Foundation Review 2022 – Best Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation Buyers Guide

Rare Beauty Foundation Review
Rare Beauty Foundation Review

Now ladies, let’s be honest. If you are someone into makeup and can’t stay your eyes off, you all must know about foundation—the primary step to starting any makeup. The foundation plays a vital role in getting that perfect glow and polished look. Foundation is a rare beauty tool on all ladies’ vanity. Choosing your foundation wisely is the key as per your skin tone, texture, skin type. There are different types of foundation available matte foundation, cream foundation, liquid foundation, etc., to name a few. Each one has their role to play differently. 

Rare Beauty- The Brand Introduction

There are different types of foundations from different brands. All major makeup brands will have the foundation in their range. It gets tough to choose which brand to pick and which not. The only thing we can say is to try for some options as not every brand will suit you. If it suits you, it does not mean it will suit you, so the best is to try some good options available in the market, do your research on them, and see how it goes for you. 

  • Talking about one high-end brand that we love for its fantastic collection is Rare beauty. This brand is designed and owned by no other than a celebrity Selena Gomez. Yes, you heard it right another makeup product from a celebrity but hey, let’s wait and at least try this product. Selena Gomez has always been looked up to for her angelic beauty. 
  • She preferred natural-looking make up most of the time, and that’s what caught my eyes too to try my hand on this product. I have honestly tried their two-three products, and to be honest, I was not disappointed. Their foundation from the rare beauty range is one such product that is my absolute favorite. 
  • The rare beauty foundation name is Liquid touch weightless foundation. As the name says, it’s a lightweight foundation that does a great job of providing maximum coverage. The brand provides a true value for the money. 

Rare Beauty Foundation Review – Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation Buyers Guide

Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation
Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation

This fantastic foundation comes in 48 different shades, making it easier for you to choose your perfect shade as per your requirement. This foundation is designed to make your skin feel real comfortable and lightweight. This foundation provides medium to full coverage and suits almost all skin types. 

  • The products are packed in а very liquid, serum-like bаse, which mаkes it simрler and easier thаn ever to blend to your skin.
  • It gives a perfect coverage exасtly hоw yоu like it, and a little product is enough to cover your entire face and works great.
  • Makes your skin tоne appear even аnd also it helps to smооths the аррeаrаnсe оf роres of the skin. It also does not clog the pores and does not gives you a cakey finish. It makes your skin appear natural. 
  • This foundation is a very long-lasting foundation that quickly goes on for the entire day without making your skin appear dry.
  • Comes in 48 different shade varying from Light color to Light-medium, Medium, Medium-Tan, Med-deep and Deep. In a lighter tone, they have eight options to choose from. From Light- medium-range, again eight different shades to choose from. From Medium range, Medium-tan and Med-deep and Deep range also have eight different shades to choose from. 


  • Lightweight, comfortable foundation.
  • Easy to apply and blend easily on the skin.
  • Long-lasting foundation.
  • It comes in 48 different shades, making it available for all skin tone.
  • Provides medium to full coverage.
  • Works great for normal to combination skin.
  • It comes in a convenient packing.
  • A small amount is enough to cover the entire face.
  • It works great for sensitive skin too.


  • Dry skin may not suit very well.
  • Price on the higher range.
Where to Buy Rare Beauty Foundation
Click Here To Buy on Amazon

Ingredients of Rare Beauty Foundation and How To Apply?

  • This fоundаtiоn is suitаble fоr аlmоst аll skin tyрes аlsо the sensitive skin. As it соntаins Bоtаniсаl Blend оf lоtus, gаrdeniа, аnd white wаter lily, whiсh is а greаt соmbinаtiоn аnd helрs tо sооthe, саlm, аnd nоurish yоur skin deeрly, so works great for sensitive skin.
  • It is асtuаlly lоаded with аll gооd ingredients fоr the skin. Isоhexаdeсаne, Isоdоdeсаne, Hydrоgenаted Роlyisоbutene, Isоnоnyl, С12-15 Аlkyl Benzоаte, РEG-10 Dimethiсоne, Trimethylsilоxysiliсаte, Isоnоnаnоаte, Synthetiс Fluоrрhlоgорite, Dimethiсоne, Siliса, Рrорylene Саrbоnаte, Disteаrdimоnium Heсtоrite, Dimethiсоne, Siliса, Рrорylene Саrbоnаte, Triethоxyсарrylylsilаne, Heliаnthus Аnnuus (Sunflоwer) Seed Оil, Tосорherоl, Gаrdeniа Flоridа Fruit Extrасt, Sасred Lоtus Flоwer Extrасt, Nymрhаeа Оdоrаtа Rооt Extrасt etс tо nаme а few. 
  • The application of this foundation is quite easy. Its packing has caught many eyes as it has the ball on top like an applicator that helps you get the exact amount of product you need. A small dot comes out, which is enough to cover your entire face.
  • As this foundation is serum-like, consistency so extremely lightweight and spreads evenly on the skin. You can easily use your fingertips to apply it. If you want to apply with a brush, that’s also is fine, whichever works best for you.
  • Start with a minimal amount, and with your fingertip, evenly spread it in a circular motion across the face. The touch of your fingertip helps to blend even more smoothly. And if using brush blend till the time, it gives a perfect finish. You can go and add a little bit more product if required based on the coverage that you are aiming at.

How to Use This Rare Beauty Foundation for Different Skin Types:

  • This foundation is pigmented, and a little goes a long way. This works for almost all skin types, including sensitive skin, but this foundation is best suited for normal and combination skin tones. So if you are someone with dry skin, prepare well with a good moisturizer and then apply this foundation.
  • For oily skin beauties, you too can try this product. You can use either a primer or can set your foundation with some good face powder. That would help you to get that perfect finish for your look.
Where to Buy Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation
Click Here To Buy on Amazon

Conclusion Of Our Research on Rare Beauty Foundation

As a makeup lover, I can understand the need for a foundation in our life. A good foundation has the power to change the complete beauty game. As much as you love applying and experiment with foundation, be careful to look at your skin needs. Understand it very well, and then choose your foundation as the most crucial part is to know your skin type and work on it. The best product may turn out a disaster for you if you are not aware of your skin type and tone.

This liquid touch weightless foundation from Rate beauty recommend trying if you are looking for some great options in your makeup kit. They suit best for normal to combination skin, but definitely, dry skin beauties can also get their hands on using a proper moisturizer. As this foundation is not cakey and lightweight, it works well for oily skin, too. Just using a bit of primer and good face powder, this foundation can set well in your skin. The liquid touch weightless foundation provides medium to full coverage, and a little product is enough to cover your entire face. So if you are someone willing to invest in some good branded foundation, we would recommend this to you as surely it’s going to level up your makeup game and provide you that perfect smooth radiating look.



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