Hailey Beauty Foundation Reviews and Buyers Guide 2022

Hailey Beauty Foundation Review By Rasalla
Hailey Beauty Foundation

Hailey Beauty Foundation Reviews: The market in today’s time is flooded with N no. of options of makeup foundation to choose from. It gets tricky what to choose and what not. Almost every makeup brand will have a foundation of its own. While choosing a foundation for your skin, make sure you are well aware of your skin type and skin shade as a little bit here and can spoil your complete look.

Also, be very careful with how well it blends t your skin. You need to do the hit and trial method to get the perfect one. Today, we will discuss a trendy foundation, Hailey beauty Rebelle foundation, from Hailey beauty’s famous makeup brand.

About Hailey Beauty

Let’s try first to see what the brand is about and what they believe in the offering. The brand was launched by Ashley Ocampo, who wanted to provide safe and smart beauty to clients. Аs а соsmetiсs sweetheаrt, she’s ассоmрlished the dissаtisfасtiоns оf items саusing skin issues аnd bоthering. Аs а sсientifiс exрert, she hаs а tор tо bоttоm infоrmаtiоn оn fixings аnd develорment. She mаde HАLEYS tо utilize sсienсe and nоt any fluff tо fаstidiоusly figure the sоrt оf соsmetiсs she wоuld never disсоver herself. Full-inсlusiоn items with suрeriоr оutсоmes thаt never undermine yоur аррeаrаnсe is what the owner believes in and has worked towards achieving that. 

They also believe that when you glow internally and when your skin glows naturally, your makeup and foundation also look the best. 

Рresenting mаgnifiсenсe mаde sрlendid. Соntrоlled by bоth regulаr аnd natural, unprocessed ingredients, оur sсientist оrgаnizer, Аshley, рiсks the mоst skin-ассоmmоdаting, sсienсe-backed ingredients for the products after thorough research, ассessible tо mаke the best items соnсeivаble. So that Nо one faces any skin irritation or rashes, no large open or clogged роres. Just a healthy-looking рerfeсt inсlusiоn thаt weаrs the entire dаy is their main motto.

Also, the brand believes in 100% vegan and cruelty-free products. The owner herself is part of PETA’s beauty without bunnies program; they believe not to test any of their products on animals and not use any animal-derived ingredients in any of their beauty range. It also believes in providing skin-friendly products without any sulfate and parabens, which is excellent for your overall skins health in the long run. 

They don’t currently have many products to offer. Yet one of their products in the news for all the good reasons is their foundation. We will be reviewing what their foundation is all about and how fair it does to your needs. 

Hailey Beauty REBELLE Foundation Review

  • Hailey beauty launched its foundation with a belief to support all skin types all skin complexion. The foundation is said to work for all different skin formations despite the fair or dark skin or mature skin. It’s the first of its kind foundation to suit all skin types, as they claim.
  •  Well, we won’t deny it. The foundation is pretty good with almost all skin types and textures. The foundation is lightweight and is a fresh liquid fluid that is easy to apply and blends pretty well with your skin. It provides pretty good coverage to your skin and has a good hold. 
  • The foundation is quite moisturizing and hydrating; hence it does not dry out your skin. It is especially a good option for dry skin beauties who often find it challenging to apply a layer of foundation in fear of drying their skin out. Also, for oily skin beauties, though it provides good moisture and hydrates the skin, it’s not greasy in texture, which helps to escape clogged pores. Hence making it a good option for oily skin people also. 

As the ingredients of this foundation are not very harsh, it makes a suitable option for sensitive skin beauties. It helps to naturally enhance the complexion of your skin, making it more glowy and shiny. It also has SPF 15 inbuilt hence helping to keep your skin protected from the harsh sun rays. They also claim to suit mature skin. It’s non-comedogenic and lasts for a longer duration without sweating you out. 

Ingredients and usage of Hailey Beauty REBELLE Foundation:

The product is designed with ingredients like water, silica, aluminum hydroxide, propylene carbonate, etc., to name a few. 

Speaking of the application, it’s pretty easy and simple. Take a small amount of the sample and dab it on tour face. Blend it well either with a brush or sponge or your fingertips, depending on your comfortability. They mix pretty well with your skin. A tiny amount is good enough to cover your entire face and providing that perfect complexion. Also, they are made with unique micro pearl formula, which directly adapts precisely to your skin tone and type of skin.


  • A unique foundation that suits all skin types and skin tones. Made with unique micro pearl formula.
  • Provides hydration and moisturization to the skin.
  • It contains SPF 15, hence protecting from harmful sun rays.
  • The liquid formula glides and blends easily to the skin.
  • It covers decent coverage and helps to enhance the complexion.
  • It’s non-comedogenic.
  • It’s a sulfate and paraben-free product.
  • Also, it’s vegan and cruelty-free products.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Comes only in one size, 30ml. So no option to choose.
  • Also, no variation in shade. Though they say it suits all skin tones yet sometimes it may get a bit tricky.
Where to Buy Hailey Beauty Foundation

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Conclusion of Our Research on Hailey Beauty Foundation

If you are someone looking for a decent foundation that can suit almost all skin tones and provide good coverage with sun protection, you can check out this product and see how well it works for you.

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