Top 6 Best Airbrush Compressor Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Airbrush Compressor Reviews &Amp; Buyer'S Guide
Best Airbrush Compressor Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Makeup enhances our outer beauty. Various latest techniques of makeup have played an important role in making us more beautiful. The technique which is gaining popularity is the Airbrush makeup technique. Airbrush makeup is in vogue these days. Under this technique, an Airbrush machine helps to spray the makeup on our face. Hands and fingers are not part of Airbrush makeup. Moreover, there is no use of sponges and brushes. The latest techniques have made the makeup application very easy and straightforward.

For professional makeup, an airbrush machine plays an important role. The airbrush machine works on the compressor. Without a compressor, the machine does not work. So, the compressor plays a vital role. This machine has a compressor that creates airflow and that too with the hose. The airbrush machine has pressure. We can adjust this pressure according to the type of makeup. The force of air can be high, medium or low as per our need. This is done through a good quality compressor.

The Airbrush compressor helps in compressing the air. Now compressing means squeeze something or press something. The compressor compresses the air in the Airbrush. This controls the spray of Airbrush makeup that is inside the airbrush gun.

So, we can say that the Airbrush compressor is the main part of the whole airbrush makeup kit. For our Airbrush’s efficient functioning makes a kit, we will have to select the best Airbrush makeup compressor.
The whole Airbrush makes kit works with the help of a compressor. The compressor must have lightweight so that we can handle it very easily, and it must be easy and simple to clean the compressor. All parts of the compressor should be closely packed.

It isn’t easy to select the compressor. We can consider certain factors while buying an Airbrush compressor for getting that flawless makeup look.

Factors To Be Considered While Buying an Airbrush Compressor

  • Portability- This is the first and foremost factor that we need to consider. The compressor needs to be portable, which means something we can easily carry from one place to another. So, we must go for a portable compressor.
  • Price- The price of the compressor is another important factor. This is important. The compressor which we buy should be according to our budget. The compressor which does not come in our range is not a good option.
  • Customer Reviews- The customer reviews regarding a particular compressor affects our buying decisions. If someone gives positive reviews about any compressor, then we can buy it, but on the other hand, if customer reviews are negative, we can reject it.
  • Noise- Every compressor produces noise. The compressors which have more noise are not considered good. The compressor must be silent or must make less noise.
  • Purpose- The purpose for which we need a compressor is really important in buying a compressor. If we are looking for professional makeup, we can go for a professional airbrush compressor, but we can opt for a simple compressor.
  • Compact- all parts of the compressor must be close. It will make the compressor compact and easy to handle.
  • Adjustable Air Pressure- it must be easy to adjust air pressure. The compressor must have high, medium as well as low air pressure systems.

1. TEMPTU S-One Airbrush Compressor – Best Airbrush Compressor

TEMPTU S-One Advanced Airbrush Compressor For Beauty & Full Body Work | Ideal For School, Salon & Workstation...

This compressor has a PSI regulator; it can manage the pressure easily up to 40 PSI. It has an air hose. The hose is made up of coil. Now PSI stands for pounds per square inch. This compressor works on the best PSI. Most Airbrush compressors have a maximum of 15 PSI. It has a thermally protected motor.

This compressor is powerful. The best part of this compressor is its weight. It is lightweight, only 5 pounds. So, it is portable, and we can easily carry it from one place to another without any hassle.
The structure of this compressor is very simple. With that, the structure is closely and neatly packed together, giving it a close look. Besides, the makeup we can use thus compressor for body art, tan spray and other Airbrush use. This feature makes it an excellent multitasking compressor. Due to its multitasking feature, it in high demand.

This compressor gives us flawless mist. Airbrush make up is dependent upon its ‘Unique globular application’ technique. The makeup is applied as a beautiful mist. This mist comes out airbrush gun. The mist helps create a large number of tiny dots on our skin; these dots are connected and create a net on our face. If this mist is fine, then the makeup will be smooth and flawless. For getting that best makeup look, this compressor is perfect. This makes it the largest selling compressor.

But there is a noise problem while using this compressor. It is a bit louder.


  • Manage multi- tasking
  • Gives flawless mist
  • Portable
  • Compact


  • This compressor is loud
Where to Buy TEMPTU S-One Airbrush Compressor
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2. Professional Belloccio 'Super Quiet' Mini Airbrush Compressor System – Quiet & Mini Airbrush Compressor

Belloccio Quiet Mini Airbrush Compressor with 6 Foot Hose - 3 Airflow Settings, Chrome Color, Airbrush Holder...

This is another compressor that is widely used in the field of Airbrush makeup.
It is the quiet compressor, and many a time, we refer to it as a super quiet compressor. It is best for sunless tanning, cosmetics, for making temporary tattoos.

This is ideal for professional use; this compressor has a maximum of 15 PSI. It is pound per square inch. Most of the compressors have 15 PSI.

It has an adjustable air control system. There are three such systems in this compressor. We can easily adjust the air pressure to high, medium or low as per our requirements. It has a 6′ push on rubber airbrush hose.

This build-up of this compressor is simple and compact. All the parts are closely packed. The lightweight of the compressor makes it portable. We can easily carry it without any hassle.
This compressor is best for applications that use light viscosity. It is the measure of fluid resistance to flow. Fluids with less viscosity can flow easily, but the fluids with high viscosity need more pressure to flow. The applications that have high viscosity are not suitable for this compressor.
It is 12V DC with a 110V AC plug-in adaptor.


  • Three adjustable air pressure control systems
  • Compact
  • Very easy to use


  • It has some noise; it is not super quiet
Where to Buy Belloccio Mini Airbrush Compressor System
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3. Art of Air Compressor and Airbrush Combo for Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup – Airbrush with Compressor

Art of Air Compressor And Airbrush Combo for Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup

For professionals use this compressor is excellent. It gives an effect of flawless makeup and provides full coverage, and gives us evenly toned skin. It settles everything naturally on our skin and looks perfect. It gives us a natural look with full coverage.

It is meant for professional use, but we can easily for domestic purposes. It is effortless to use it.
This compressor gives full control over the pressure of air. This control can be exercised with the help of a fully adjustable air control system knob. It comes with an Airbrush holder, which is very easy to adjust.

It has a Single action gravity feed feature. With that, it has an airbrush hose and a power adapter. Single action here means with a press of a single button. Gravity feed means the button is located at the top of the compressor, with gravitational pull makeup automatically comes out. This makes it easy to handle, and we can use it without any hassle. There are no multiple buttons.

The compressor has no issue related to clogging while doing makeup. This feature is essential for the smooth functioning of the Airbrush compressor. It is lightweight and easy to carry.

This compressor needs a deep cleaning. We need to clean it after using it 3 to 4 times. This is a time- consuming task.


  • Portable
  • Single action gravity feed feature
  • Suitable for professional as well as domestic use
  • Complete control on air pressure


  • Needs regular cleaning
Where to Buy Art of Air Compressor and Airbrush Combo
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4. Elera Airbrush Makeup System Kit Updated Version – Beauty Cosmetic 3 Level Pressure Adjustable

Elera Updated Version Airbrush Makeup System Kit Beauty Cosmetic 3 Level Pressure Adjustable

This compressor is fit for both professionals as well as for domestic use. It is a multitasking compressor; we can use it for various tasks. It is suitable for makeup, body art, nail art and temporary tattoos also. It is the best feature of this compressor.

This compressor has been updated, and this new and updated version is more reliable. More new features have been added to the latest version. It can be efficiently used. Proper instructions on how to use this compressor are given. This compressor is suitable for all brands of foundations. The foundations are mostly water-based.

Another feature of this compressor is the lightweight that makes it portable and easy to carry wherever we go.

There are three levels of air pressure. We can easily adjust it as per our requirements. The levels can be low, medium and high.

The airbrush compressor has one brush holder, which is made up of a black hose of rubber. A brush holder is necessary for the compressor’s efficient functioning and has maximum air pressure is 25 PSI. The compressor has a clogging problem.


  • The air control system has three levels.
  • Compact
  • Has brush holder


  • Not very powerful and there is clogging problem also.
Where to Buy Elera Airbrush Makeup System Kit
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5. Photo Finish Airbrush and Compressor – Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System Kit

Photo Finish Compressor And Airbrush for Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup

This compressor gives flawless and evenly toned makeup. It comes with an airbrush. The setting of Airbrush is such that it provides a smooth finish. It can be effectively used for professionals and domestic use also. There is a 6-foot white rubber airbrush hose. The Airbrush can cover all imperfections on our face like acne marks, wrinkles and blemishes and gives us glowing skin. It works at 12V DC with a 110AC plug-in adapter.

The Airbrush has a single action gravity feed airbrush system. Single action gravity feed means it works with the press of one single top, which is located at the top. It is called a photo finish compressor because we get that picture-perfect look. This compressor is lightweight that makes it portable. All the parts of this compressor are closely packed, which makes it compact. We can easily adjust the speed of the air pressure. It can be light, medium or high depending upon our requirements.


  • Easily adjustable air pressure.
  • Single action gravity feed system.
  • Compact
  • Airbrush


  • Clogging of the compressor, there is a need to clean it regularly.
Where to Buy Photo Finish Airbrush and Compressor
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6. HUBEST Airbrush System Kit with 3 Level Pressure Adjustable – Silent Airbrush Compressor

HUBEST Airbrush makeup system kit Beauty Cosmetic 3 level pressure adjustable

Multitasking is the requirement of today’s world. This compressor fits exactly in multitasking. It can be effectively used for makeup, tattoo making, spray tanning, nail art and body art. The model has been updated. The new and updated version has many new features and more reliable and efficient. It has an instruction booklet along with it. It gives us flawless coverage. It covers all the imperfections quickly. We can use all brands of water-based Airbrush foundations. It has a high definition of an Airbrush gun. This machine is portable and very light in weight. The compressor is compact and closely packed.

The airbrush gun has a fluid control system. It can easily cover even and greater areas for a smooth and radiant look. It has a single-action trigger. The trigger is silent. We can control air- pressure; it can be made low, medium, or high. The airbrush holder is made up of a black rubber airbrush hose.
It works on the maximum air pressure of 25PSI. The compressor demands regular cleaning. This is a delicate compressor, and we need to handle it very carefully. There is a possibility of breakdowns. It offers almost all the features of a good Airbrush compressor.


  • Three levels of air pressure.
  • Compact
  • Multitasking


  • Very delicate
  • Deep cleaning
Where to Buy HUBEST Airbrush System Kit
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Conclusion Of Our Research on Best Airbrush Compressor:

Our Choice: After the analysis of all the Airbrush makeup compressors, we need to decide which one is best. The selection process depends upon our requirement also. Some of the compressors do multitasking. But it is dependent upon our usage. If we need for makeup purposes only, then why go for a compressor that does multitasking.

The best Airbrush compressor is TEMPTU S-One Airbrush Compressor for Beauty & Full Body Work. It has almost all the features of a good compressor. We can easily opt for it and that too without any doubt. It can easily manage air pressure up to 40 PSI. This is the highest PSI an airbrush makeup compressor can offer.

It has a compact structure and easy to handle. We can effectively use it for multitasking. This compressor comes with a DVD that can guide the buyer to use this machine easily. It is suitable both for professional as well as domestic use. The application of makeup with this compressor is excellent. It gives us a flawless look and covers almost every kind of imperfection on our face. The mist of the compressor is really fine.

It is a good option for beginners as well. Without giving it a second thought, we can buy it.

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