How To Lighten Hair Without Bleach

How To Lighten Hair Without Bleach

Looking to get your hair coloured but scared of all the bleaching agents used. Well there are some options to get your hairs light without getting them bleached. But hey to be honest don’t expect them to be giving you an exact look of saloon died hairs. Still some of the options suitable for you includes:

  1. Exposure to Harsh Sunglight: your hairs tend to naturally get light in sunrays but it’s a ling process. So to speeding it up you can apply mixture of lemon juice and water to your hairs and stand in the sunlight. You will soon start noticing your hairs becoming lighter. One of the easiest step
  2. Lemon Mixture: massaging your hairs with lemon solution is a great way to lighten your hairs.
  3. Chamomile: this tea also works in getting you lighter blonde hair colour. Boil the tea and once cooled apply it in to your hairs and see the difference.
  4. Vinegar: another great option is using of vinegar. Wash your hairs with distilled vinegar or apple cider vinegar thoroughly. And apply a bit of hair conditioner to seal in moisture as vinegar can be quite strong.So, with these tips you can easily lighten your hair colour without using of any bleach.

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