As we all know, long-term exposure to UV rays causes pigmentation, redness, and aging.

Relief sun is a chemical sunscreen that helps protect your skin from ultraviolet rays.

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Can this be used as a primer? 

Depending on your skin type, I would use mattifying primer after the sunscreen if you have oily skin. 

Is this product vegetarian or vegan-friendly? 

Yes, the product is vegan-friendly. 

How often should this sunscreen be reapplied?

Probably every two hours if outside, but the chemical filters are more photostable than older filters. 

I have combination skin. Is this SPF nongreasy for the face?

The beauty of Joseon Relief Sun Rice + Probiotics is a chemical sunscreen with newer filters and has a lovely light texture like a hydrating gel moisturizer. It's not greasy at all.

Is it waterproof? Can it be used for swimming? 

It is not water resistant, so I would not recommend it for swimming. 

Does it have chemicals like oxybenzone and octanoate?

It has chemical filters but new generation filters, so they do not use US filters like oxybenzone and octanoate. 

Is this okay for acne-prone skin? 

Everyone's skin is different, but I used this before going on tretinoin for acne, and it did not break out my skin.

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