Best Spray Tan Machine Review and Buyer’s Guide 2022

Best Spray Tan Machines Review
Best Spray Tan Machines Revie and Buyer’s Guide

Best Spray Tan Machine: Spray tanning is gaining popularity these days. Tanned skin is in vogue. If our skin looks pasty, then it might seems boring. There is a simple way out to get rid of pasty skin and make it look beautiful. Tanning our skin is the best way. Now, skin tanning is possible by sitting under the sun for hours. Due to time constraints, it is not possible to sit under the sun for such a long time. There is already a solution for it in the beauty and cosmetic industry. The trend has changed, now we can get our skin tanned by using spray tanning machines.

What do spray tanning machines do?

The Discovery of spray tanning machines is possible due to the increasing demand for tanned skin. These machines are in high demand. Skin tanning is possible simply by using this machine; it can give us the effect of sunless tanning. We can call it fake tanning, and another name can be artificial tanning. There is nothing natural in it. 

Spray tan machines contain a chemical called DHA, which stands for Dihydroxyacetone. It is a carbohydrate derived from sugar cane and sugar beets.

When DHA is sprayed on our skin, it reacts with the amino acids on our skin and helps us in giving a tanned skin. The spray has one more ingredient, which is called erythrulose, which is present in red raspberries. Both DHA and erythrulose collectively provide us with a tanning effect.


Safety of spray tanning

Everyone wants that golden gaze on skin. That can be obtained by using an artificial method of spray tan machines. These machines give us golden gaze very quickly and easily. Simple a spray done on a body, and we get tanned body without much effort. But a question which we need to ponder in this, is spray tanning safe?

Spray tanning lasts for 10 to 12 days. Yes, we can say it is safe. Spray tanning has got the approval of the FDA. But it must not be overused. It is safe as compared to sunbath.


How to get the spray tan done?

  1. Waxing – We need to remove unwanted hair from the skin before spray tan. It is done at least 12 hours before the spray tan; otherwise, it might lead to open pores. 
  2. Scrubbing – We need to exfoliate our skin by using scrubs.
  3. Moisturise and Hydrate – Moisturize your skin with a moisturizer and for hydration, take lots of water.
  4. Decide Your Color Shade – The shade of color varies from skin to skin. So, select the color shade as per your skin.
  5. Complete Your Workouts – Finish your workouts at least 12 hours before the tan.

Best Spray Tan Machines:

There is a wide variety of spray tan machines available in the market. It is easy to use the spray tan machines at home also. Some of best spray tan machine can be explained as follows:

1. Black Fascination Spray Tanning Machine and Kit Reviews – Best for Professionals As Well As Beginners

Black Fascination Spray Tanning Machine and Kit Reviews – Best for Professionals As Well As Beginners

This machine is highly in demand. It is the best machine for beginners. This machine is built around the fascination 700 system. This machine is best for professionals also, but it is straightforward to use and carry for those who have just started doing tanning.

It has a tent that comes in a pop-up shape. With that, it has a carry bag also. It has an 8-foot hose that has a connection with the spray gun. It also has a large number of highly-rated Norvell Airbrush solutions. That is the best feature of the Black Fascination spray Tanning machine. It has a color indicator that gives us the best indication of the color we select and has a perfect speed. We can adjust the speed as per our own needs.

Moreover, the heat can be easily adjusted; the adjustment is possible as per the customer’s need. 

The mist is produced from various angles, and these angles can be horizontal as well as vertical. This can give us excellent results very easily used in the salon as well. Fascination has very attractive styling also. It has silver highlights. For those who keep moving from one place to another, this one is the best to carry and use. It is lightweight. It is easy to manage this machine due to the adjustable spray air cup and nozzle, which is durable.

This product is another one that is good for those on a budget.


  • Best for professionals as well as beginners
  • Very easy to use and carry
  • Affordable


  • Tend to leak
Where to Buy Black Fascination Spray Tanning Machine and Kit
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2. Norvell Spray Tanning Machine Review – M-1000 Light Weight Professional Spray Tanning Machine

Norvell Spray Tanning Machine Review – M-1000 Light Weight Professional Spray Tanning Machine

If we ask about professionals and all those technicians, then this machine works wonders. This is meant for beginners as well. 

For professional work, this machine is the best. The best feature of this machine is that it is easy to carry and very lightweight. It has an M-1000 Spray system that makes use of HVLP technology. Due to this technology, the spray which comes out while using it is perfect. 

When the spray comes out in the correct quantity, there is surety of even smooth tanning. It has easy portability due to the presence of professional spray tan equipment. This machine comes in three different shades 

  • Dark – which is meant for a natural tan.
  • Venetian – This is intended for Rivera tan.
  • Cosmo Lite – this is the combination of the first two shades.

The solution consists of vitamins and antioxidants for giving us a very smooth effect


  • Best For professional use
  • It has three different shades
  • The solution provides a smooth effect


  • More usage will clog the spray gun
Where to Buy Norvell Spray Tanning Machine
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3. Black Fascination Spray Tanning Machine Review – Best Spray Tanning Machine For Home Use

Black Fascination Spray Tanning Machine Review – Best Spray Tanning Machine For Home Use

This machine has a black finish and chrome-plated trim. For home spray tan systems, this machine is effective. It has stainless steel in its nozzle and a 0.5 mm needle, resulting in even tan, and it provides excellent fine mist atomization. There can be vertical, horizontal as well as circular spray patterns. This makes it very easy to use. There is only one button for controlling this machine, and the fan is also adjustable. We can easily adjust the quantity of the solution that gives a very smooth tanning experience. The floor and wall are waterproof. This thing makes the cleaning very easy.


  • Lightweight
  • Reduces noise
  • Easy to clean
  • Has a maintenance kit
  • The Spray cup can hold 4oz of solution


  • There is difficulty in cleaning the straw.
Where to Buy Black Fascination Spray Tanning Machine
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4. MaxiMist Spray Tan Machine Reviews – Lite Plus Sunless Tanning Spray Machine Kit

MaxiMist Spray Tan Machine Reviews – Lite Plus Sunless Tanning Spray Machine Kit

MaxiMist Lite sunless tanning spray machine kit is an amazing machine used to protect the body. This machine is capable of tanning multiple tent colors and very easy to use. The professionals use this machine. We can use this to get a salon-result in the comfort of our homes. 

MaxiMist lite sunless spray tanning kit includes many things such as MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP spray tan machine. It also consists of a satin air spray gun, pop-up tanning booth that is Clear view. It also includes free 8oz each of Tampa Bay Tan products. Many tent colors are available; you can go for any tent color. According to your mood and preferences, you can buy a brown, black, or pink tent. This is one of the best tanning kit one would prefer to buy. Do not miss the chance of purchasing this tanning kit. It is a budget-friendly kit and lasts for a longer duration of time. Also, it is a lightweight product and can be handled easily. It is non-sticky and does not irritate. It has an adjustable trigger that allows the spray to flow smoothly. The weight of the product is only 5 pounds. It includes a spare gun nozzle gasket, cups, turbine filter, gun cup gasket, and a pick-up tube. It has spare parts in the packing. Even if some part gets lost or broken or damaged, you need not worry because it already has spare parts. It also has a detailed manual in it with a description of every detail and guides us on using the product.


  • Lightweight product
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Very safe product
  • Some spare parts included
  • Great performance
  • 1-year warranty


  • Not much premium features
Where to Buy MaxiMist Spray Tan Machine
Click Here To Buy on Amazon

5. MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Spray Tanning System and MaxiMist Spray Gun Review – Best Spray Tan Machine

MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Spray Tanning System and MaxiMist Spray Gun Review – Best Spray Tan Machine

This is a machine that can be easily used at home. It provides a golden glow to the skin and gives a finished and flawless look. It is light in weight and an easy to use the product. This is an excellent product from max-mist that contains an HVLP spray machine and tanning spray gun. It also includes a non-stick needle that is practically used for obstruction-free performance and includes Tampa Bay Tan Spray tanning products. You definitely cannot ignore this fantastic tan spray machine when you buy a new one for your home. This machine comes with a rock-solid 300w turbine. It will enough to fulfill whatever you have in mind.

The spray gun is unique. It has a German engineered nozzle which is built with accuracy and precision for better results. The minimum amount of spray is used, and entirely satisfactory results are seen. The machine has a non-stick needle. Non- stick needle prevents a build-up of tanning solution and corrosion, resulting in clogging on the device. You can quickly get control over the spray patterns by making some slight adjustments. These adjustments can be made quickly. By doing this, you can ensure the accuracy of the selected tanned solution. It has a satin spray head which is fitted with three 50z cups and two lids. So you need not pause in between for a re-fill. You can easily work with the machine for a longer duration of time. The shape of the cups is conical. Because of the conical shape of the cups, they can pick as many solutions as required at one time. It also has a 6.5 feet air hose that allows you to move around freely. The MaxiMist spray tan machine also includes a tent which means you do not have to buy a separate tent. The tent is a large-sized, straightforward pop-up tent, and it ensures extra durability and provides a resistant floor that is leakproof. The tents come in three colors. So, you can choose a tent according to your wish and mood. 

This tan machine is a light weighted machine and can be adjusted and carried anywhere. It can easily be fitted in any corner. It can be taken while traveling also, and it would not weigh you down. It also has a bag of its own with storage spaces. The bag can be carried conveniently, and it has onboard gun storage, which makes transportation easier. The carry bag offers extra space for other personal items as well. The price is affordable as compared to other machines. At a reasonable price, you will get supreme quality tan spray.

This machine can be easily used at home and is economical. It uses 110v electrical supply, which is the standard for most houses. Inside the package of the tan spray, we get several things such as:

  • It includes an instruction manual that guides us on using the product and setting up the product.
  • It also has a free spare spray gun cup gasket.
  • It also includes a spare gun nozzle gasket.
  • It contains a spare turbine filter.
  • An extra solution pick-up is also included in the packing.


  • Easy access to maxi-mist tech support
  • It is CE, EU, ECAL Certified
  • 100% safe for all skin types
  • The machine is properly covered


  • The solution has to be used before 90 days of manufacturing
Where to Buy MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Spray Tanning System and MaxiMist Spray Gun
Click Here To Buy on Amazon

6. Aura Allura Spray Tan Machine Kit Review with Tanning Solution – Portable Spray Tanning Machine

Aura Allura Spray Tan Machine Kit Review with Tanning Solution – Portable Spray Tanning Machine

Aura Allura spray products have a satin spray technology. The product gives an excellent mild finish all over the skin. It is known for its low overspray but provides complete and smooth coverage. Many machines make a lot of noise due to which we cannot talk over the phone. But this machine ensures complete silence. It is light in weight, compact and an easy to carry machine. It is made up of glass which gives a fine and classy look to the machine. The solution has been designed very carefully; it provides you full coverage and protection. The solution remains in the body for a longer duration of time, thus long-lasting protection. Products included in the kit content are:

  1. Norvell 3 pack spray tan product bundle.
  2. Allure spray tanning machine.
  3. Extra-large “skylight” style spray tan product bottle.
  4. Focus luminance medium tan.
  5. Focus vibrant rapid tan.
  • Focus radiance ultra-dark tan


  • Quiet machine
  • Easy to handle
  • Easily portable
  • Classy look


  • No warranty
  • No manual or CD
Where to Buy Aura Allura Spray Tan Machine Kit with Tanning Solution
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Conclusion Of Our Research on Best Spray Tan Machine

Our Choice: Well! In our opinion, the winner of the roundup is MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Spray Tanning System and MaxiMist Spray Gun Review It is certified and most reliable. It is CE, EU, ECAL Certified. All skin types can use it. Also, it gives a golden effect on the skin after applying. It does not cause any irritation and also provides a smooth look. It has a German-engineered built nozzle that produces a certain amount of spray. Neither less nor more, but it makes accurate amount required. Overall the quality of the machine is fantastic. Do not miss the offer of purchasing this product. Must buy!

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